Conditions of Entry

  • Registrations close at close of business on 14 October 2018. Some sports may accept late entries however this will be at the discretion of the Games Management, in consultation with the Sport Coordinator of the respective sport.

  • Games Management reserve the right to refuse entries from any individual or agency.

  • Age and/or Sex categories apply to some individual and team events.

  • Doubles and Teams MUST first come from within the same agency. Where a person wishes to compete in a team or doubles event, and is unable to locate sufficient numbers to make up an agency team, or a composite team from within their jurisdiction, or is unable to find a partner for a doubles event, that’s person’s entry will be set aside until after the closing date for registrations. A draw will then be conducted from those individual registrations with the view to making a composite team and the individual will be able to compete.

  • Team Members MUST play in the preliminaries to be eligible for the finals.

  • The Games will be conducted at various venues throughout the City of Mandurah.

  • The Australia and New Zealand Police Games Federation (ANZPGF) may by resolution, caution, counsel or reprimand a competitor or may expel or suspend a competitor from involvement to the AP&ES Games. This includes members who;

    • Have refused or neglected to comply with the rules of the Games; or

    • Have been found guilty of conduct prejudicial to the interests of the Games.


189 days 3 hours 20 mins

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